Snake Border

Creative Border of snaking up-ended Schist

Vegetable Raised bed with path and gates

This vegetable bed extends from the existing flower bed separated by a stone path.

Wine Bottle Beds

We used 544 wine bottles to make 15 awesome 33 inch diameter beds specifically for tomatoes. Our client had seen them at a vineyard in California and we replicated them here.

Twin Beds

These are standard raised beds for vegetables, made from Hemlock

Terraced Garden Beds

These garden beds are terraced by dry stacked retaining walls

Retaining Wall

Dry Stacked using Jeffersonville Schist

75 foot long pathway to garden made from Colonial wall stone


How much does herbal care cost?

The initial consultation is a two hour long in depth interview. It costs $84 and includes a weeks worth of the herbal formulas.

Follow up visits are about an hour and cost $42.  It also includes a weeks worth of your herbal formula if it changes.


Driftwood Fence and Poppy Garden 2012

Alina Mills 1

Garden retaining walls and patio 2012

Matt Brand 1 Matt Brand 3 Matt Brand 2

Wild Branch Botanicals

Wild Branch Botanicals uses organic Vermont maple syrup as a carrier for powerful herbal extracts. Chaga, Turkey Tails, Reishi, Ginger and Tulsi are their main extracts.

and that’s not all, they will sell you mushroom spawn!

Check them out!

Wild Branch

Plants for Men’s Sexual Health

On February 19th, I travelled to the lovely campus of Sterling College to give a presentation about Plant medicine for men’s sexual health.

I talked about the importance of herbal care for both partners, both physically and emotionally on a range of issues including yeast infections, UTIs, STIs, prostate health, contraception,  emotional health, and erectile dysfunction. The workshop was well attended. Next time I’ll bring some actual plants.

If you ever get a chance I highly recommend visiting Sterling College, it’s a wonderful place.

Aphrodisiac Herbalogy

Gave a nice talk at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in Montpelier on February 12th about Aphrodisiac Herbalogy.

We talked about the gifts of Aphrodite and how we can receive them through plants. The presentation offered a self assessment system for deciding what herbs will benefit them according to their physiological constitution, hot spots,  and limitations. Then,  participants made their own Elixir, massage oil, or tea for their home apothecaries.


Clinical Herbalist

To schedule and herbal health consultation please call

Andrew Wolf    (802) 222-7976

Or e-mail:

Office:        49A #5 Commerce Ave South Burlington, VT

Fall Garden Chores and vegetable garden season extension.

Time to cut back some of that summer growth, deadhead the daylillies and show off some of your lovely fall flowers. Maybe your perennials need dividing, or you’d like to get your vegetable garden fortified to produce well into December.
NOW is the time to start!

The Green Man Special

Want to get to know and grow plants that can benefit your physical and emotional health? Try the Green Man Special. It’s a consultation with you and your land that results in a personalized garden plan. The plan matches your gardening style and health needs with live plants and/or herbal remedies and recipes that can improve your life! $200

Raised beds become hoop houses in times of impending frost

A Hoop house to help things get started